Bravo Chocolate Tempering Machines

$ 123,456.00


K24 Evo is a continuous chocolate tempering machine with cutting edge technology that ensures extraordinary performance! It has a 53 lb tank that comes preset with numerous programs and even allows for the control of the chocolate's core temperature. The self-cleaning program allows for easy replacement of chocolate type and color. It also comes equipped with anti-congealing lamps that heat the grid and let the drops flow freely into the tank and a pedal dispenser with programmable quantity adjustments among many other features

K24 EVO with Vibrating Table is the same as the standard model except instead of a flat table it has heated inclined lateral sides which create a more efficient chocolate dripping back into the tank thus eliminating waste. 

Magic Carpet is a conveyor coating belt that allows for complete or partial enrobing of products including truffles.

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