Bristot Espresso Pods - Espresso

$ 60.48

Bristot Espresso Italiano philosophy has been at the root of everything we do ever since 1919, the year Domenico Bristot – the founder of the roasting plant – breathed life into his dream of creating a top-quality coffee blend that would create the perfect Italian espresso. Thanks to this philosophy, the values of quality and excellence have become synonymous with our brand. Now, with the strength of experience and a burning passion for our trade spurring us on, we offer our customers the chance to enjoy a daily moment of luxury: a stunning espresso.


Pods - Espresso are a perfect balance between Robusta and Arabica Brazil Alta Mogiana coffees. In the cup it has an intense flavor and is full-bodied, which is typical of a true Italian espresso. Available in both single and double portion sachets in a protective packaging.

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