Bravo G-20 Table Top Batch Freezer

$ 123,456.00


Bravo G-20

An advanced batch freezer for restaurants and coffee shops, used for the production of high quality gelato and ice cream. The machine is self explanatory, you don’t need any special skills to make a batch in minutes. The G-20 can fit anywhere, and is easy to transport thanks to its compact size. Professionally designed, easy to use, only a few buttons with simple functions allow the operator to make premium batches above the market standards. Artisanal gelato or ice cream is always dry, soft and creamy. The front charging hopper allows you to add the mix, flavors and ingredients during the batch. The air condenser is ready to work and doesn’t require any further settings. 45 years of Bravo’s innovative technology in a high-tech piece of equipment!

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