Bravo Trittico M Batch Freezer

$ 123,456.00


Bravo Trittico M

Trittico® Mechanic produces gelato and premium ice-cream in an easy and fast way, maintaining strict hygiene conditions and in compliance with HACCP regulations. Trittico® Mechanic is an extremely reliable machine, designed to be easy to use. The uniqueness of Trittico® comes from its special structure: made of one upper vertical tank, where the pasteurization begins, and one lower horizontal tank  where the pasteurization phase is completed and the mixture is freezed. The two independent tanks can work simultaneously with the advantage for the artisan to carry on two different processes at the same time. In fact, while the mixture is freezing, it is possible to start a new production cycle, that means the pasteurization of a new product. Other advantages: the two tanks are connected through a patented internal conduit without external contacts, that guarantees the utmost hygiene of the products and their absolute quality, by avoiding any external environment contamination. Thanks to its small dimensions the table top model can be easily placed in every production site and kitchen. 

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