Bravo Trittico Executive EVO

$ 123,456.00


Bravo Trittico Executive EVO

Trittico Executive EVO is the most complete pastry lab that thanks to its advanced features can make all your pastry fillings as well as temper chocolate and make pâte à choux. For chocolate it perfectly works as a discontinuous chocolate tempering machine with programs for dark, milk and white chocolate. With EVO Mix option, the unit comes with a built-in immersion blender to make the most advanced pastry products such as crémeux, emulsified creams and reverse cycle ganache. With the pâte à choux kit you will be able to make the process automatic thanks to a pre-set program. The kit consists of a special door, designed for adding the flour and eggs at the right moment and cook and mix it properly. Trittico Executive EVO is a fully equipped workshop to optimize production, standarize recipes and quality.

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