Danesi Whole Bean Espresso

$ 5.24

Danesi Caffè is a Roman company that was founded in 1905 by Alfredo Danesi, expert connoisseur and curator of secret blends. Today, run by the fourth generation, Danesi Caffè is associated to a deep coffee culture rooted in technique and experience, and to a noble knowledge, based on respect of people and nature, enriched through the use of innovative technologies. 


Classic has a rich nutty and malt flavor, full body and light balanced acidity. Danesi Classic is blended with selected Brazilian and Central America arabica and East Africa robusta beans grown at higher altitude which leave a fragrant coffee finish. Available in whole bean bags and pre-ground bricks.

Decaf uses the natural ":Swiss water process" to remove the caffeine which keeps the original characteristics of the coffee blend: full body, intense aroma and delicate flavor.

Gold is blended to savor a rich and mellow coffee. With its sweet honey and caramel flavor, it combines green beans selected from Latin America, Africa and Indonesia. Slowly roasted, it produces a graceful taste and a long lasting aromatic finish. The well balanced acidity is ideally combined with a rich and silky textures body.

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