Elektra Indie

$ 19,452.00


  • INDIE manages each group independently. All the functions are accessible by a color touch screen display.
  • INDIE manage the temperature of the group, the coffee dose
  • adjustment and the infusion time, all this in real time through an intelligent touch-screen display.
  • INDIE manage the brewing temperature control on each group independently, with accuracy and rapidity never achieved before thanks to a very reduced thermal inertia.
  • INDIE provides a patented brewing group water infusion preheating system that gives full control of the temperature directly on the group.
  • INDIE comes equipped with patented steam wand with which it is possible to make a pressure fine adjustment from 0.8 to 1.8 BAR, with the capability to heat up 30 Liters/Hour.
  • INDIE has the possibility to adjust the volume of the hot water through a simple programming.
  • INDIE is equipped with automatic and patented milk frothing system (optional), programmable milk temperature from 50 to 70 C°, regulation of the milk foam volume and self-diagnosis of cleaning.
  • INDIE is result of research of an unconventional design who has redesigned the geometry, the prospects and the materials. Steel, aluminum, oak, exclusive icons and light design are its themes.
  • INDIE has two different kinds of lighting, one with a fixed light on the worktop and one more in the rear with LED lights with variable and programmable colors (BLS).
  • INDIE is equipped with an innovative cup warmer system integrated in a aluminum plate. No need to remove in case of machine service and maintenance.
  • INDIE is also distinguished by the exclusive handle made of solid oak wood. A rewarding tactile experience and a natural approach the most advanced technology
  • INDIE is provided with patented thermal insulation material flanges supporting the delivery groups and the boiler, to ensure the higher thermal efficiency and the consequent reduction in consumption.
  • INDIE produces hot water for Tea of better quality, taking it directly from the main water supply.
  • INDIE It ensures a very limited limestone formation thanks to an innovative thermal management.

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