Ghirardelli Premium Sauces

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Ghirardelli Premium Sauces are an industry standard for specialty coffee and are preferred over competitor brands when tasted in a mocha. It’s also the perfect topping for desserts or beverages as well as the ideal product for decorating beverages and plating. Ghirardelli sauces are made with real ingredients such as chocolate, caramel, cocoa, and cocoa butter.


Black Label Chocolate Sauce has a bittersweet intense chocolate flavor, intense chocolate flavor. It is a silky smooth liquid chocolate sauce and an essential partner for composing seductive beverage and dessert creations. Great as a classic mocha and pairs well with red fruits (raspberry, strawberries) and in s’mores and brownie dessert-themed concepts.

Caramel Sauce has a complex deep caramelized sugar balance with buttery creamy flavors. This luxurious liquid caramel is an essential partner for sumptuous beverage and dessert creations and was designed to taste like the caramel from Ghirardelli's best selling milk and caramel squares. Perfect to use with the current sea salt and dulce de leche trends and pairs well with spices and in seasonal fall beverages.

Sauce Pump accurately dispenses 1/2 ounce of product per pump.

Sauce Rack holds and displays 3 sauce bottles. 

Sweet Ground Chocolate Sauce has rich, deep chocolate flavor, cocoa notes and malty undertones. It is an essential partner for composing exceptional beverage and dessert creations. Great as a classic sweet mocha and also pairs well with nutty flavors, mint, coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, banana and root beer.

White Chocolate Sauce has a sweet smooth creamy flavor with subtle cocoa butter and vanilla notes. This velvety smooth, rich white chocolate sauce is an essential partner for elegant beverage and dessert creations. Pairs well with Irish cream, fruit and tropical flavors, almond, amaretto and hazelnut.

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