IFI Drop-In Delice Chocolate/Pastry Display Case

$ 123,456.00


Drop-in Delice counters and built-in tops have refrigerated and/or heated display surfaces at the same height as the worktop and are specially designed to contain 24"x16" commercial trays. The Drop-in Delice counters and built-in tops offer great visibility of all the food on display and maximum service comfort. Equipped with a tank with adjustable display tops in three different positions, Drop-in Delice allows you to better display and store products of different heights, to protect hygiene, consumer health and the organoleptic qualities of food. The Drop-in Delice range is extended with the version equipped with a heated glass frame, designed to guarantee perfect exposure and conservation of the product even in places with very high relative humidity percentages. An upgrade that joins the aesthetic update of Drop-in Delice, already available with display surface and frame in black or white, in addition to the traditional stainless steel finish.

Equipped with: stainless steel removable and adjustable (3 different positions) display tops; front glass frame and rear closure with plexiglas sliding doors; LED lighting; ventilated refrigeration system with incorporated hermetic compressor; defrosting set by a timer; electronic control panel on operator's side with digital temperature repeater.

Operating temperature: praline +57.2°F at max 45% R.H. or pastry +39.2°/+46.4°F at 60%-65% R.H. Tested at 77°F and 60% R.H.

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