IFI Jolly Gelato Display Case

$ 123,456.00


Jolly is the first free-standing professional gelato display cabinet with Hybrid Cooling Technology, an innovative technology with dual refrigeration sources, exclusive to IFI. Hybrid Cooling Technology guarantees the continuity of cold in the display case during the delicate but necessary defrosting phases, eliminating the negative effects it has on gelato. Thanks to an additional cold source, which is activated only during the defrosting phase, the gelato never undergoes thermal shock, preserving its appearance and organoleptic characteristics unaltered.

Jolly also stands out for its innovative base, a monobloc in rotational-molded polyethylene with double injection. A solution with great added value, because it attenuates vibrations and resonance of the internal elements with an important reduction in noise to the advantage of acoustic comfort.

VBD (Low Straight Glass) H 1200 mm/47.24 in

VAD (High Straight Glass) H 1351 mm/53.19 in

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