IFI Panorama Gelato Display Case

$ 123,456.00


Panorama represents an unprecedented solution to two fundamental requirements of the gelato/ice-cream world that have always been in antithesis: preservation vs visibility. In fact it combines the perfect product preservation performed by pozzetti counters with the visibility of flavors present in traditional display cases. Panorama® Technology consists of a pozzetti counter equipped with doors made of tempered and heated pyrolytic glass which, when opened serve as a protective barrier, as well, between customer and product. The LED perimeter lighting highlights the natural colors of the gelato. Panorama® is available in built-in version and thanks to the new design of insulated tanks, for the first time it is possible to create a potentially endless double row of tubs that are always evenly spaced and can have different operating temperatures (for gelato, granita or cream). Elements inside the tank can be easily removed and washed by hand or in a dishwasher, facilitating the cleaning and improving hygiene. It is fitted with anti-rotation tubs.

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