IFI Pivot Display Case

$ 123,456.00


Pivot is the new reference point for refrigerated vertical display cases, created to enhance Gelato/Ice Cream, Pastry and Pralines,. With Pivot, Ifi raises quality, performance and design standards and guarantees refrigeration excellence even in extreme environmental conditions. Perfect visibility at 360-degree: the heated double-chamber glass on each side and the anti-fog system avoid fogging on the door after opening. Maximum exhibition volume: 6 display levels allow you to make the most of a space without hindrance. The evaporator is integrated into the base, for the benefit of an even more generous and barrier-free display, and a formal cleanliness. Unparalleled conservation: The advanced refrigeration system, the perfect distribution of cold and the exceptionally rapid recovery of the temperature after opening enhance the organoleptic qualities and appeal of products on display. Attention to hygiene and ergonomics: The built-in lights and the accurate design of each internal element facilitate all cleaning operations. Ease of maintenance: Accessing the condenser for maintenance, without the use of tools, has never been so quick and easy. Attention to energy saving: The 4 double-chamber heated glasses, the automatic closing of the door, with an acoustic signal of accidental opening, and the latest generation LED lights allow to contain the consumption of electricity.

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