IFI SAM 80 Gelato Display Case

$ 123,456.00


SAM 80 professional gelato/ice cream display case with straight low glasses for 12, 18 or 24 flavors. Equipped with hermetic sliding doors (HCS) with chrome-plated handles; RDF system; LED top lighting; pyrolytic, heated and tempered single front glass; pyrolytic, heated and tempered double-glazed sides; double evaporator; condenser unit; water evaporation tank with electrical resistor. Operating temperature: 28,4°F/-0,4°F. Test at 95°F and 60% RH. Finishing: Side panels and plinth in grey lacquered sheet metal (RAL 9018 matt) - front panel in white melamine. Set for IFI IOT Remote Manager.

Main Features:


  1. The RDF system reduces the number of defrosts, which are activated on the basis of the time the display case is actually open, benefiting the preservation of the gelato.
  2. Energy savings and greater hygiene thanks to the combination of RDF and the HCS closure system, made with Plexiglas sliding doors.
  3. Double evaporator.
  4. 6 different possible angles for the display top.
  5. LED lighting.
  6. Easy routine maintenance thanks to the filter that can be easily removed from the operator side.
  7. Base on legs or flush-mounted wheels.

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