Island Oasis Shelf-Stable Beverage Mix - Mango

$ 7.55

Island Oasis Shelf-Stable Beverage Mix create the perfectly flavored beverage every time. No need to store and peel the delicate fruit - simply keep the smooth mix on hand for all of your mixing needs. The dairy-friendly mix is easy to use and easy to store - you can even store it at room temperature before opening. Whether you're creating a signature cocktail or a fruity smoothie, Island Oasis Shelf Stable Mix is made for you.


Mango Shelf-Stable Beverage Mix allows you to get a taste of the tropics. We use our passion for flavor to create a mix of sweet, sun-ripened mangos with a velvety smooth texture. For a cooling mango smoothie, blend with ice, or add dairy for a touch of creaminess. Easily create signature cocktails and mocktails with this delicious mix. Whether you use as a base or add a splash for a hint of tropical flavor, taste buds will relish the sweetness and juiciness of real mango.

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