Lotus Plant Energy - Blue

$ 34.95

Lotus Plant Energy 

The original, #1 selling plant-based energy in a convenient 1+5 pump & serve concentrate. Each 1oz of Lotus creates a 6oz serving with 80mg of natural caffeine from green coffee beans, equal to the strength of an 8.4oz energy drink can! Lotus Energy feature's Coffee Fruit (Cascara) with nature's elite organic “Adaptogenic” botanicals, superfruits, amino acids, B-vitamins, natural caffeine, natural flavors and sweeteners. Each half gallon of our efficient pump & serve concentrate equals approximately 2 cases of 8.4 oz canned energy drinks and 30% stronger at half the price and conveniently sits right on the counter. Mixes with all your favorite flavored syrups for world's best energy spritzers. Just add soda water, Pump-Serve & Enjoy!

Pumps sold separately! Pumps fit Lotus 1/2 gallon bottles and dispense 1/2 oz per pump. Reusable and Dishwasher Safe.

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