PreGel Texture Improvers and Stabilizers

$ 34.14

PreGel’s Texture Improvers and Stabilizers are powdered products that help stabilize, thicken, and emulsify gelato Bases. These products improve gelato structure by enhancing its creaminess, scoopability, and hold in the display case. These products are made to customize PreGel’s Hot and Cold Process Bases, which allow our customers to create and customize recipes.


Dextrose also known as glucose, is a highly soluble powdered sweetener that is produced from starch. Dextrose is less sweet than sucrose so it can be used to improve texture, viscosity, and mouthfeel as well as depress the freezing point of gelato and sorbetto without contributing as much sweetness as regular granulated sugar.

Fibraplus is a low-dosage Hot and Cold Process fiber-based product that improves the structure of gelato by making it creamier and more compact, in addition to reducing shine and improving nutritional content.

Neutro is a very low-dosage stabilizer for both Hot and Cold Process gelato and sorbetto that improves the overall structure of the frozen dessert. We recommend using Neutro in combination with PreGel’s Fibraplus or Piùcremoso.

Nonfat Dry Milk is a wholesome dairy product made by evaporating the water from skim milk. It can be used to add creaminess, viscosity, and mouthfeel, as well as depress the freezing point of gelato or sorbetto without contributing any additional fat.

Piùcremoso is a powdered Hot and Cold Process fat improver that contains non-hydrogenated vegetable fat. This product can be used to improve the structure of gelato by making it creamier and warmer on your palate. It also holds well in the display case.

Vellutina® is a Hot and Cold Process texture-improving paste that increases creaminess and overrun, especially in fruit flavored gelato. In addition to improving texture, especially in flavors with high fat content such as chocolate or nut flavors, Vellutina® helps control the freezing point. It is also recommended for pastry applications such as emulsification, whipping, or rising dough.

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