What's Brewing at Cora?


Pomegranate Breakfast Cider

This Pomegranate Breakfast CIder is the perfect tangy sweet mocktail, ... of sparkling cider, pomegranate juice, and flavored syrup.
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Frooty Tooty Shake

Splurge for breakfast or dessert with this cereal milk milkshake made with our exclusive Monin syrup flavors.
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Peach Mango Anise Smoothie

Ingredients 1 bag           PreGel Peach-Mango Super Sprint 1 gallon       water 8 pieces      star anise Directions 1. Place all ingredients into a large bucket and blend well with an immersion blender....

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Peachy New Year Frozen Pops

Be cool this New Year's Eve with Peachy New Year Frozen Pops in hand! An adult version of the classic summer treat, made with sparkling wine and for celebrating in style.
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Abominable Snowman Mocha

Warm up the season with the flavors of sweet peppermint and creamy white chocolate sauce. This mocha will have you defeating and making snowmans this winter. Cheers!
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Caramel Apple Butter Iced Coffee

A delicious combination of ripe orchard apples dipped in smooth, creamy caramel. Loaded with an intense butter note and rich taste, this treat is the ultimate temptation.
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Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

We are pretty sure there's not enough pecan pie in the world. The buttery crust, gooey filling, flavor, pecans. How delicious.....

Let us present the Bourbon Pecan Pie Martini. Sweet, rich and nutty. 
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Halloween Gelato Cupcakes

With Halloween approaching, how bout some too-cute gelato cupcakes? They are a must for your shop or restaurant this holiday. There's always room for creativity on these delicious cupcakes, so add your favorite spooky candy of choice.

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Kookie Stella Recipe

Ingredients (950g)     Stella Base Mix  (50g)       Whole Milk (50-60g)  Kookie Stella Paste (to taste)  Kookie Stella Variegato (to taste) Chocolate biscotti  Directions 1. Pour Kookie Stella Paste in the base mix 2. Blend 3. Pour...

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